21 July, 2010

Money Thing

It’s really hard to be in a situation where your honesty is being questioned especially with regard to finances. It’s hard to regain the trust that has been broken. I don’t know why this issue hit my friend. Is this because of the things she has that people speculate to be expensive and that her salary is not enough for such stuff? I can’t understand the person who spills this issue. He/she did not confront first the person involved before announcing it to the public. I guess he/she doesn’t value the word confidentiality.

We don’t know his/her problem. Does he/she envy my friend? I guess so. Anyway, he/she might have the right for his/her opinion or whatever but this doesn’t exempt him/her from not practicing confidentiality. If he/she wants to achieve something especially to become financially stable at his/her age then he/she should work so hard or he/she can play casino at best online slots real money.

I am not just sure if he/she is lucky to play this kind of game. If he/she doesn’t know how to play slots then he/she could try this bestonlinerouletteforrealmoney.com for easy money so that he/she could buy stuffs he/she wants. Anyway, this issue really pissed us.
I am just hoping that soon this will be forever and we would be able to prove to them that my friend is doing nothing. As for now I am also looking for other ways to earn money and maybe I could try my luck at top online casinos real money. I have got lots of spending to do for my upcoming wedding. Donors are welcome.lol!