09 December, 2009

Stress Free Vacation

I’m so stressed out. I already lose 5lbs for almost 4months of working and it is not good. I’m already taking a vitamin that can help improve my appetite. Still I have not gained a pound or two. They are teasing me because I’m getting thinner and thinner. Lol!
I hate it! I really want to gain the weight that I’ve lost. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Back to how stress I am, I guess I need to take a fabulous vacation at Myrtle Beach.
The place is serene, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While I’m there I should grab the opportunity to enjoy my stay at Myrtle Beach Hotel facing beautiful scenery around the area. I have heard that Myrtle Beach Accommodations is one of a kind.

So anyone who would like to treat me a vacation package don’t hesitate to ring me. Lol! I will definitely seize that chance. A free Myrtle Beach Accommodation is perfectly fine with me. Imagine that it’s a free escape at the famous vacation spot. Great deal isn’t it?