28 December, 2009

Just Surfing

I got home late because I had to finish some pending Philhealth Claims. I’ll submit it tomorrow by 8:00 am. I was supposed to be out at 5:00 pm but I had to extend few more hours. I really wish that all our claims are okay and they would be gave what is due to us. Wish me luck everyone and pray for me.

There are times that work is hard because of some incomplete data on the patient’s chart. I am obliged or I obliged myself to do the follow up to the concerned person so that I won’t have a pending claims.

Work is sometimes arduous yet I know that it’s really like this. I wonder if playing online casino is also exhausting. Lol! Gone are the days that I would just sit in front of the computer when several of my tasks are done here in computer. Usually I’m just surfing the net looking for some exciting things like online casinos for USA players. Gosh! I missed it so much yet I know I have to grow and venture on other areas that would contribute the growth I’m looking.




joy said...

i hope all works well with regards to your company's claim at philhealth.

Duni said...

Hi Abie,

claiming is always a hassle! You must perservere. Wish you the best of luck!!!

nurseabie said...

@ Joy, Thanks. I'm really praying.
@ Duni,Thanks. It's really a bit hard and hassle is always there.

Carlo said...


pa-request naman po ng link-ex.

anchor text - Carlo Dimaandal
URL - http://carlodimaandal.blogspot.com/

I already added you on my blogroll.

Thanks =) Happy New year!

ellen said...

Happy New Year!

joy said...

hi sis! wishing you a blessed, prosperous and a happy new year! may you and your loved ones be healthy throughout the year!

rinelle said...

Wishing you all the best in 2010! God Bless!