09 December, 2009


Thank God I was able to go home from work on time. I did not extend my hours of work. I was able to finish most of my work and it is to be continued tomorrow. I’m thinking positively and looking forward that I’ll be able to completely finish some pending task so that on the next day I would somehow have a worry free day. I am so focused with my work that I was not able to balance my time. Time management is really important. By the way I have neglected some online stuff that I love doing. I’m hoping to manage my time wisely next week.

I’m doing an update while watching sports game on television. It’s a basketball game. The boyfriend love basketball so much. I guess Sports have already been part of every person’s life. Some are actively participating while others are just contented watching. Sports will not be easily out in our system. We are already into this. We are always on the look out about the latest sports activity.

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