02 December, 2009


I just got home from work. A super toxic work since I have lots of backlog. I just wish I made things right. I have been working for 17 hours since I have to beat a deadline. Though I’m already exhausted I want to finish what’s need to be done. Phew! All I need now is to relax. I have to find a way to relax. I guess watching some show outside could help and it means buying a ticket at Honda center tickets.

By the way tomorrow I’ll be away from work. It’s because I will submit all the claims for Philhealth. Please pray that I will have a safe travel and all that I did are correct. Wish me luck and I will give you a free to ticket to watch show that you want courtesy of quicken loans arena tickets or through Xcel Energy Center Tickets.

After the submission tomorrow I wish to have more time to relax and think some things over before doing another set of work. I need to unwind and have more “me” time.