14 March, 2011

Music Monday- Just The Way You Are

My first entry in Music Monday this year. I love this song so I want to share it with you here in my blog.

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Con Artist Trickster said...

Hi Nice video.
Have a great MM!

sarah said...

so love the song!!

Mystery Man said...

for your first entry this year, you sure chose a great one!

bluedreamer27 said...

Oh i love this song...
Bruno Mars is a very Great singer . It is so hard to sing his song... especially acing those high notes haha... even Stefano Langone of American Idol failed to nail the song

Namz said...

Hi! Welcome to Music Monday. Good to have you on board :)

Great feature for your 1st entry.

B.Mars is a talented singer, composer & entertainer. The model is a sight for sore eyes indeed.

Namz recent post Sister Christian

nurseabie said...

@ con artist trickster, thank you. Indeed a nice video.

@ mystery man, thank you. Such a great song.

@ bluedreamer27, glad we both love the song.

@ namz,thank you, he is indeed a talented singer.