06 March, 2011

The Importance of Education

Education is very important to every one of us. It is one of the key to a successful life. Our parents instilled into our mind the importance of education. We often hear them say that education is the only wealth they could give as an inheritance. It is a sad truth that there are people who can’t go to school for so many reason, one of which is poverty. But in my opinion it should not be a reason. It is every parent’s responsibility to send their child to school because it is every child’s right to have a proper education. It is one of the things we can be proud of in this life time.

Anyway, I have just notice that some of our celebrity was not able to finish their studies. I guess it’s because they prioritize first their career over education. But we can see even though they did not go to a formal school; they still have the knowledge needed. Mainly, they undergo tutorials when their schedule permits them to. Some of them enroll into online schooling to have a degree in their chosen field. This is a great idea whoever started this one. It is amazing because they did not let any hindrances for them to achieve a degree they can be proud of.