21 March, 2011

The Dream House

I know everyone of us has a dream house. We have been dreaming to own that house ever since. We promise to fulfill that dream once our financial status permits us. My dream house is fully furnished with complete set of appliances. Living room, dining area, bed room, kitchen and bathroom that is spacious. Pink wall paint and Interior curtain design. For an elegant look I need to have contemporary lighting fixtures. This idea makes me so eager to work hard on my dream house. I hope it would be soon. There is nothing wrong in dreaming right? Lol!

Anyway, for our living room as well as to our garden area I want wall sconce lighting. It won’t take much space and yet it will add more beauty. Lighting inside the bathroom would be 3 light vanity. It will look fabulous. Chandelier is suited to our dining area and a unique design of lamp shade will appear exceptional in our bed room.

So, I am done with the wall paint and lightings all over our house. Some things left to do are purchase furniture that will give life to our home. Hire a household helper that will help us maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of our home. After that we are ready to occupy my dream house.