02 November, 2010

Successful Update

I was able to update and clean my blogroll last Sunday. This has consumed much of my time yet I was happy to finally made it neat and clean. I have deleted those blogs in my blog roll upon finding out that I'm not on their blog list as well those non existent blog now. So fellow bloggers I'm very open for link exchange. Just leave a comment here and I will add you.Thank you so much. Have a great day!



christina said...

hi, you did great on your blog :)

daphne said...

that's nice. .BTW Hello, my name is Daphne, a Filipino food blogger and a new one at that, lol. I would send you a message to tell you that I'm interested for that link exchange. I visit your site and you cover a good amount of information, love your recipes, quite impressive I must say. This is my blog, it's http://healthyflat.com and you can place this format on your blogroll alright?

title: HealthyFlat
link: http://healthyflat.com

I already added your link on my blog roll. Hope you'll do the same. Just email me, daphne@pageeater.com or make a comment. Thanks and take care=)

yen said...

hi ab! ur in mine but am not in ur list...please check