15 November, 2010

My Holiday Wedding

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Two more weeks to go and it’s already the month of December. Four more weeks to go before my wedding day and I’m getting edgy. I am really looking forward that everything will be okay. I am hoping and praying that everything will flow smoothly as planned. We already booked a flight for our honeymoon. Prior to flight booking he have been busy searching for villas and cottages which will suit to our budget. Anyhow, we will be visiting two places. It’s a place close to my heart.

We will stay in a beach for one night after our countryside tour. This seems to be exciting. This would be our first out of town together. He is the one who have been vigorously looking for a place where we will stay. By the way holiday letting has been a big help for him to find a villa to stay during our honeymoon. The villa design is elegant and very much suited for the holiday season. I instantly fell in love with it as well as the place. Too bad we did not find something that is similar to gites in France. Well, better luck next time.

By the way, last Thursday we had our pre nuptial pictorial at Enchanted Kingdom. It went well. It’s just that I was not able to wear all the dress I brought (sigh). We did not pay for their package so we can’t took pictures freely. We find their package expensive. It contains 4 tickets and meals for four persons. The photographer is not included yet in that package. If only they include a photographer in it then definitely we will avail of their package. Because of that everything was done in an unobvious manner. Good thing we weren’t caught in the act. Anyway, I am blissful that the pre nuptial picture thing is done. So next is the wedding itself! Good luck to us.




zh3en22 said...

Wow, congratulations nurse abhie, and best wishes for you and your soon to be hubby!

zh3en22 said...

By the way, i love your new theme/layout! Its girly but not too much, just right!

nurseabie said...

@zh3en22, Thank you so much. Glad that you like my new theme. Thanks for the visit!

Choc Mint Girl said...

Hi! :-) Hope you'll manage to arrange all the important things in time for the wedding. Congratz! :-)

joy said...

hi abie! goodluck on your wedding, i know that it will be a beautiful one.

yen said...

wow, congratulations abs! welcome and make the most on your wedding day...lots of love

Duni said...

Hi Abie!

Congratulations! How exciting to be planning for your upcoming wedding. I'm sure you still have tons to do!
It would be nice to see a couple of photos :)

best wishes and many blessings,


nurseabie said...

@choc mint girl, Thanks. I will. I need to.hehe.

@joy, hi ate! I am really looking forward for a beautiful wedding.hehe

@yen, hello ate! thanks.We will.

@Duni, It's indeed exciting.I will post as soon as possible.