17 November, 2010

My Credit Card

I do have a credit card. It’s been with me for about 3 months now. There are plenty of agents coming at the hospital asking us to apply for a credit card. By the way, my credit card is red and it is designed for women by the credit card company I am in. It took months before I was approved. I have applied countless times at a different credit card company. Then months have passed I have no idea what is the status of my application. But anyway it only means one thing if I haven’t heard anything from these credit card companies. The sad truth that I am not eligible.lol!

I don’t mind anyway because I am not really dying to own a credit card for the reason that I shop occasionally and I don’t buy bulk of groceries too. So my credit would just remain stagnant. But then I could use it for emergency purposes provided I would be responsible enough to pay my credit card debts. So far I am being responsible. I should better be! Lol!

Credit cards have its advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is you can use it for emergency purposes and when you shop you can receive points that can earn you items corresponding to your earned points. The disadvantage is if you are an impulsive buyer. Impulsive buyer tends to buy whatever suits to their liking. They will buy whatever they see as good items.In short they are not a wise spender. This can give the credit card holder a lot of debts before they know it. Anyway this habit can be control if you the word discipline.

I will introduce to you the Top Ten Credit Card I know from FirstCredit.Net

First on the list is the Chase Freedom. Owning this credit card entitled you 5% cash back on basic necessity like gas, home, department stores, subject to quarterly maximum. There is an unlimited 1 % cash back on all others purchases and an additional 20 % cash back using your card on online shopping at selected merchants. You can choose from $100 or $50 cash back bonus to get the Chase Freedom card. It has a low annual percentage rate.

Second is the Discover More Card. A 5% cash back bonus is offered by this card in your travel, gas, groceries, restaurants and home improvement stores. The Discover More Card is available in $100 cash back bonus.

Third is the Chase Sapphire. It is suited for people who want to experience an outstanding service. Their service is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with devoted professional service advisors. A free flight of 25, 000 bonus points can be earned easily in the first 3 months of using your card.

Fourth is the Slate from Chase. This is known to be the best general credit card in town today. It is made for clients with credit card status. A 0 % apr up to 12 months is offered. The design will satisfy your taste. This might be the one you are looking for in a credit card.

Fifth is the Continental One Pass Plus Card. The fines airline credit cards in the industry. When you made your first purchase it entitles you to earn 25,000 bonus miles plus other exciting flight bonuses.

Sixth is the Iberia Bank Visa. This is not popular yet well known for its lowest credit card interest rate. For about 12 months you can pay for your purchases on 0% apr.

Seventh is the Capital One Platinum Prestige Card. By having his card you can transfer you higher rate card balances with O% interest. You also protected from fraud, lost or stolen card.

Eight is the Chase Ink Cash – Business Card. It is the best among business credit card. Very well suited to a businessman needs. You can also earn cash back on basic necessities.

Ninth is the Orchard Bank Visa/Mastercard. Well for those who already have a bad credit record. This credit card will work to you because it offers lower rates and fees as well as the interest rate.

Tenth is the Discover Motiva Card. This will be well liked by people who make an on time payments because of the rewards that will be given.

So apply now and choose the right one for you.