14 November, 2010

My Nursing Scrub Uniform

It’s been three years that I have not worn my nursing uniform. I graduated and passed the Nursing Licensure exam year 2007 and from then on I have not been in the field of nursing. I am currently working in the hospital yet not as a nurse. I am assigned at the admin office. I don’t know when I will be able to practice my profession. I am just hoping and praying that our Almighty God will grant my request.

I would love to see my self wearing a nurse uniforms or nurse uniform this 2011. I would like to try wearing different colors and designs of scrubs clothing. Before I often see our nurses in their white scrubs pants and tops because that is the preferred uniform of our hospital but they have decide to change it to green. Almost all of them did not like the design but they’ve got no choice. They are left with no choice.lol! The hospital administrator is the one who chose the design and basically no one likes it. Lol! It’s Funny but true.

We don’t know where did he have the design and why did he chose a wrong textile. We told him that the design available in the market is very much better than the one he chose. A cheap scrub with an appropriate textile. The hospital can save some penny if they are going to make an order there. We know that there are plenty of scrubs for cheap prices anywhere. You name it and the market has it from scrubs top or scrub tops to scrubs pants in its different colors and styles. Our chief nurse was back and she wants to change the scrubs clothing. Good thing she will do it!




Cacai M. said...

Hi Abie, I am also praying for you request to practice your profession and is wearing scrubs! :-)