26 September, 2010

Play Games

I have been busy. I did lots of things and it’s tiring. I’m done cleaning the computer shop, replenishing supplies and washing the dishes. It’s been exhausting but its part of my routine here. At the end of the month I will receive a reward for this job. Anyway I have wanted to relax since yesterday like play some casino games at best online gambling place but I can’t. There are still some tasks that need to be done.

Right now I still need to wash my uniform which I will be wearing tomorrow. I just can’t do it at this moment because my dirty clothes were left inside the car. Lol! I forgot to get it before the boyfriend left for grocery. The boyfriend has not arrived yet. He’s late. It’s already past 8 o’clock in the evening.




jenie=) said...

hi abie, it's been a long while...nice to see you again.

hope u can visit back soon
life round meNyou

don't you worry, im sure the reward is to come =)