14 September, 2010

Math Again

Honestly I don’t like math ever since. I don’t know why numbers makes me sick. Lol! I guess it runs in our family. My siblings doesn’t like math too. So whenever my younger brother and sister ask for math help they get a big no from me. I just hate math though we use it everyday. Good thing we can solve math problems with calculator aid. It makes my life somewhat easy when it comes to basic math. The only thing is calculator can’t help me with fraction problem because I have no knowledge how calculator works when it comes to fraction.

Anyway, I am just proud that my little brother was able to pass his entire math subject last year and this year first and second grading period. I just don’t know where he asked for algebra help whenever he needs it. I know with regard math homework he can do it without any homework help. One thing is for sure, he will need calculus help as this subject is a tough one. So I am wishing he could pass this subject too.