12 September, 2010

Got An HSBC Red Credit Card

My credit card was finally approved last August 19, 2010 and they mailed the following day but got into my hand last September 8, 2010. The three of us in the office have been qualified to have an hsbc credit card after countless times of filling up application that none of it has been approved until August 19, 2010. Anyway, it was delivered at the office 2 weeks after the courier failed delivery at home because I was not there most of the time. I am really ecstatic to finally have my own credit card which I will be using only for emergency and of course will use it wisely as what the boyfriend said.lol! I’m Itching to swipe it for a new Samsung cellphone as replacement of my lost cellphone.



Mylene said...

It is only hard to get the approval of these credit card companies if you don't own any yet, but once you get one, all of them wants to apply with them. Magsasawa ka na lang :)

carinamodella said...

hi...it was so nice reading your blog. i have an award for you...visit my blog to see my post last :)

Recuerdo Mi Amor said...

I also got one from them but very low credit limit.

nurseabie said...

@ Mylene. Yes you're right.hehe
@ Carinamodella, thanks for the visit.
@ Recuerdo Mi Amor, me too. My credit limit is low but it will increase after 6mos.