24 September, 2010

Let's Be Beautiful

Beauty parlor is indeed every woman’s best friend. It can enhance our physical attributes as well help us achieve relaxation through a different variety of massages. Parlor nowadays is very popular. You can see it everywhere and it offers a lot of services from head to toe. Name it and you can have it.

I seldom visit a parlor. I just go there when I want a new haircut unlike the other who goes there weekly for their beauty regimen. Some just go there for a manicure and pedicure while I do my own manicure and pedicure.lol!

Anyway the last time I was there was during my birthday. It was a beauty treat from my boyfriend. I had hair relax and natural hair cellophane. The process last longer than what I have expected. They shampooed my hair thrice. I guess its bumble and bumble gentle shampoo because I have seen bumble and bumble products everywhere inside. It undeniably creates a difference from my hair. I just don’t know if they use Moroccan oil to make my hair shiny and beautiful.

I am planning to visit a parlor one of these days to have a manicure and pedicure upon seeing the beautiful feet of my officemate. It is a sort of envy. Lol! They use Opi Rumple's Wiggin' Nail Lacquer for her toe nails and I love it! It’s fabulous. I want to have it too. I’m excited!




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