25 June, 2010

Paper Review

I have been struggling to finish all my paper works for the past week, our new Philhealth claims as well as the returned claims. Good thing the returned claims was mostly Philhealth newborn care package but then we still had a hard time revising the presentation because we still got to do some other tasks. We don’t have allotted time to do our returned claim. We can’t immediately do overtime just like before because we do have a new protocol when it comes overtime and it is not easy.

By the way, I slept around 12 midnight a day before going to Philhealth just to finish reviewing all the claims that I will submit. Reviewing papers is not easy as doing a casino reviews. Mainly because casino reviews offer fun and excitement. Anyway, I really wish that time to be at casino playing and doing a review. I’m already tired and exhausted having to evaluate 46 claims. I am blissful that I was able to finish it all. I’m hoping that no claims will be returned.