28 June, 2010


The inauguration of our new president will be on Wednesday, the 30th of June two thousand ten. It will be witnessed by people from different walks of life around the globe. Group of politician will be there to be part of that celebration. I look forward for the success of this inauguration. I discern after this inauguration people will begin expecting for a better if not a best country; a progressive country that all citizen would benefit. I know countrymen will impose that our new president will fulfill what he has promised to us, a country free of corruption and poverty.

We will take it from his word that if there’s no corruption there will be no poverty. I just hope our new president will be able to improve our country. Corruption is everywhere, just hiding on its diverse form. Temptation to do something wrong is just there. I wonder who among our politicians will be caught playing online slots game secretly during work hour and free time. I know most them are really winning from this real money slots. I want to win also because I need money right now. lol! Anyway, we can’t prohibit them no matter what senate bill we have. I just hope that somehow they could share their winnings to the needy and not to someone else.