25 June, 2010

My Friday Fill-Ins

And...here we go!

1. On vacation, I like to be at my home town because I have not been there for almost 7 years.
Pearly Shells in the ocean.
3. One of my favorite vacation spots is the beach.
4. I love to see a full moon.
5. Up, up and away I'm dizzy.
6. Bananas and Pajamas.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a goodnight sleep, tomorrow my plans include
finishing all my claims and Sunday, I want to go to church.



Lulu said...

wow 7 years, that's a long time. I hope you can come home soon.


gengen said...

Oh i like to visit my home town too miss it. Happy FF!

Kimmy said...

Hello! Just a quick note to say I found your blog on entrecard, and decided to add your widget. Your "The Sweet Life" has a great simple design that is easy to read, and easy to visit. The fact that you are a Gemini also rocks too. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. I haven't ever been on a real vacation, however if I do, it will be the ocean and pajamas! Kimmy

nurseabie said...

@Lulu, 7 years is really long. I really wish to be home soon.

@Gengen, Hope we could visit our respective hometown soon.

@Kimmy, Thanks kimmy. I hope you could have real and wonderful vacation soon.

Papa Ces said...

I also watched bananas and pajamas before. They really know how to get kids attention.

But now there are only few simple cartoons that I know since I rarely watch tv.