18 June, 2010

I want to be a Cook

I was supposed to take up Hotel and Restaurant Management in College yet there have been some problems I have encountered that time so I ended up in the College of Nursing. Anyhow, there’s no regret because I have learned a lot from my course. Anyway, I can still take up a course that involves cooking and managing. It isn’t too late yet right.

I’m not that good at cooking yet it can learn by taking cooking classes one of which is a culinary course. It’s expensive yet you can benefit a lot from it. You can choose to study local or abroad. Private cooking class is also available worldwide. Taking up this course depend on your desire as well as your budget. This course is popular amongst food fanatic as well as business minded people. I have known a lot of successful people in this field. I know not all them enrolled at cooking classes Los Angeles. They have just given their best to succeed. School where you came from doesn’t define your future.

In the field of food business it is crucial to have a professional and expert cook. Most hotel and fine dining restaurants owner have taken up culinary and business course to understand the line of their business. Some just hired professional and skilled cook to make a mark in this kind of business. Industry that is in line with food surely needs to have a best cook in town.

If I would be given a chance to pursue this dream and enroll at cooking classes LA; I would definitely grab it. I would like to seek an expertise in pizza and pasta making. It’s one of my favorite foods. I dream to have pizza and pasta establishment someday. I’m looking forward for this dream to happen.



idon said...

after learning from cooking classes LA you will become master chef :D

nurseabie said...

Yes, I heard that they really teaches well. Thanks for dropping by.