31 December, 2010

Stayed at Villas

Our wedding day was December 18, 2010. The day after we immediately flew to Cebu and Bohol for our honeymoon. Our three days honeymoon. By the way, it was our first time to ride an airplane. I thought it would be difficult and I would experience motion sickness. But that did not happen. I was just enjoying the trip. Anyway it is just a one hour plane trip. The trip went well. Prior to riding the airplane; I have prayed for a safe trip all the way through our destination.

Our first stop is Mactan Airport in Cebu from then we rode a taxi to the Sea Port because we are now going to Bohol. We wanted to leave early going to Bohol but unfortunately all trips from our chosen ferry has been cancelled because of machine problem.

We immediately look for another but early trip there was fully booked. We got no choice but to have an afternoon travel. After buying our ticket we agreed to go to SM Cebu to eat our lunch and have our ticket back to Manila rebooked. We wanted to spend another night to Bohol. It was not the original plan but we don’t have our computer shop to look for so we decided to extend another day. You know the culprit right? It was the robbery incident that happened last November.

The price for rebooking our tickets was pricey but we gave in as the most important thing is to be happy. After eating our lunch we went back to the port. The ferry left the port at exactly 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. The journey lasted for 1 hr and 45 minutes. Then we arrived at Bohol sea port. And again we had our ticket back to Cebu rebooked. The good thing was that the ticket price was really affordable so we couldn''t complain about that as it met our budget. Then we just got into a cab and toured around Bohol before ending up to the resort we had rented. The place was lovely and unlike the traditional hotel rooms one would expect. It reminded me of some traditional villas in Fuerteventura we had stayed a few years ago, although the interior was more spacious room and fully equiped. That said, my partner disagreed with me as he was insisting that our villa reminded him of villas in Tenerife which also look quite similar. Our time in Bohol was really amazing and Owners Direct played a crucial role in offering us such a lovely place to stay at during our second honeymoon.