28 December, 2010

The Return to Online World

I'm finally back here in our online world. Finally were married! Single no more. The wedding preparation is over and the journey to married life begins. I can say that our wedding was successful in our own little way. No wedding coordinators hired. A cooperative between us. It was indeed our most treasured moment this year wherein most of the special person in our life were there to witness our union as one in the sacrament of marriage.

My family is complete with few of my relatives from both sides. I guess it’s the location because most of them would come from our province Masbate. Anyway it was still a joyful and solemn wedding. My husband’s family wasn’t complete because his dad was already in heaven four years ago. His brother accompanied him together with his mom to the altar. To compensate for this, his relatives were all there to witness our special day. Lol! Closest relatives from his mother side and few from his father side were present. Kin’s relationship from his mom side is very much solid in whatever occasions to be celebrated within the family. And I love it. I admired the relationship they have towards each other.

The church wedding ceremony started a bit chaotic because I arrived late according to them. I beg to disagree because I am just on time. I just did not arrive at the time they have set which thirty minutes earlier from our 3:00 pm wedding. That is why they said I am late. The priest was losing his temper because his earlier than me. I should have said patience is a virtue father. Lol! Well, it’s just that 3 hours of preparation together with my entourage was not really enough. I have to be beautiful especially on pictures. Lol! They can’t blame me though. hehe. The priest was just about to conduct our pre cana interview 9 am on the day of our wedding. It was not okay with us but we can't do something about it. Thank you to our parish secretary for being so organized. I should have given her an organizer. She is apologetic but won't admit her short coming.

Mind you, we had a confession in other church because our parish secretary wouldn’t coordinate the priest confession schedule. After our pre cana seminar approximately 2 weeks before our wedding day she said we’ll have the confession as well as the interview Friday afternoon; One day before our big day but that did not happen. We visited her thrice but nothing happens and she called us around 7 pm to informed us that we are going to have our interview 9am on our wedding day. I don’t know what she’s up to but really I am pissed off. I don’t want to go the altar without confessing that is why we tried to look for other church. Good thing we were able to confess at our chosen church after the Misa De Gallo mass. We reserved the church 3 months before but she won't accept our early reservation and told us to come back in November. Oh my enough of this thing.

To be continued. hehe.