01 January, 2011

A New Year and A New Life

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope every one of you enjoyed the New Year Celebration together with your family just like me. The holiday is over. We will be back to our usual life. I’m back to work this coming Monday just like every one who is on holiday vacation. My family is going back home tomorrow. They are here for my wedding day and extended their vacation up to Christmas and New Year. I am happy to see them after more than a year. We are complete plus my two beautiful nieces. I and my husband brought them to the famous theme park here in our place. They have enjoyed the rides as it is their first time. I was surprised that we had 200 pictures taken. I have uploaded it on facebook the other day. They were so happy to see their pictures. While in surfing the net they found this boxhead 2 and played it. They have enjoyed the game. It was really awesome. A must game for everyone. I know every one heard of this game age of war. My brother is addicted to it. Action games are really enticing to boys. They like the idea of using ammunition to protect something worthy.

Oh by the way, I know everybody is looking forward for a fruitful year this 2011 in all aspects of life. I don’t know what this year has for me but I am really looking forward for a successful career and married life. I have lots of New Year resolutions that would help me become a better person. I am praying that I will be able to do one at a time to ensure that all will be done. I wish that I will be able to maintain my blog and to post relevant information. I am not at all blogging for money. It is not my main purpose but I am not hypocrite not to admit that I love the fact that I am earning something from passion which is blogging. I did it after a year of blogging. I will say earning here is not easy until now. Again, Happy New Year Everyone!