19 March, 2010

Summer Summer

Summer is here! Summer outfit is everywhere. The hot weather is very much an indication of summer time. Our hospital is planning an outing. It’s another team building. They are still contemplating where to hold our team building. Some is suggesting of doing it at the beach. Majority agrees since it’s already summer. Myrtle Beach Hotel is the best destination. I know they would definitely love it there.

Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel would definitely be jam packed of people since it’s one of the sought out summer getaway. If only we are allowed to travel far from where our hospital is located, yet it’s understandable because the hospital can’t stop its operation just because of the team building. We can’t afford to do that given that we are dealing with lives. Were going to do it on a shifting schedule just like what we did before. So the location should be near to the hospital. I know there are still beautiful place left in our area similar to Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels beauty. We should be good at venue hunting.




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