16 March, 2010

Printer Driver

Our printer malfunctioned just when everyone is very much in need to print a document. I have tried troubleshooting it but to no avail. I thought the printer needs a driver update but when I did that the software is still updated. I have been working for about 2 hours in front of the computer trying to figure out what is really the cause of the problem. Then, I have called the boyfriend for help. I know he can help me with our printer dilemma and I was right because he knows what to do.

He explained that the printer needs to be reset because it already reaches its maximum printing capacity. In order to reset the printer driver download is needed. He instructed me where to download that driver. I thought it would just be easy to search for that yet I had a hard time looking for one. I have tried searching for it using different keywords like computer drivers and windows drivers yet I was unsuccessful. Good thing he also did his own research and found one. I was able to reset the printer the next day because it was already my time to go home. I was so happy to finally repair the printer.




Claudia said...

Computers and other technical stuff can give you quite a hassle when not working. I had never heard about that problem though.
My printer usually gives me trouble because I do not replace the color cartridge (I only print black and white) and even I don't need it the printer sometimes refuses to print and prompts me to put a new color one in ... quite annoying!