10 March, 2009


Rated K featured story last Sunday was about shopaholic. Both of them learned their lesson the hard way. One was left with huge amount of debt. Imagine she has 4 credit cards. Spending beyond her means. Shopping has been out of her control. Credit cards, if the bearer do not know how to use wisely is indeed a temptation that would put anyone into trouble. Now she's living a simple life, and promised to talk to the company she owe a debt once everything has been settled.

The other one her husband is working as waiter outside the country, sorry forgot where it is. She would spend 20,000 a month for her shopping. Its became an outlet for her loneliness. That huge sum is not just for her, it includes buying something for her children and parents. Extravagant lifestyle while her husband is working far them created a fight that prompted their separation. She said spending too much is not just the sole reason why they parted ways. Currently she is staying with her parents and continuing her studies that was neglected due to early marriage. Too bad that their marriage wasn't given a second chance. But who knows they might iron out what had happened.

Experience always teach us a lesson. Its up to us if we will apply what we have learned from that experience.

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Duni said...

We only use our credit cards for emergencies. We're very disciplined ;)

earthlingorgeous said...

Ah I was invited for that segment sa rated K but I declined ayaw kong ma-broadcast ang pagmumukha ko as a bad spender shopaholic with a bad credit di pwede ahahahaha naglo-loan pa naman ako ngayon sa Pag-ibig for housing loan.

Ok na yung exposure ko sa ETC plugging the movie Confessions of A Shopaholic ahahaha!

Thanks for visiting my blog. May utang pa ako sa'yo diba? Ung sa contest ko and you won GCs? Magkano nga yun? pwede ba pay ko nalang ng paypal? Thanks :)


nurseabie said...

@earth, hehehe.Ayaw mo ng bad exposure.
Thanks also for the visit here.