13 March, 2009

PF#1My Pink Footspa Stuff

Entry for Pink Friday. First time to join meme.

We bought this last January 25,2009 at Watsons. It consist of foot scrub, foot lotion and foot soak. Strawberry mint flavored that really soothes our tired feet.
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You'll surely enjoy! See you there..

My first commenter: Carlota

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carlota said...

Nice...I could use some of that foot spa. hehehe.

Welcome sa Pink Fridays! mine is up.

My Pink Shoelace said...

Welcome to Pink Friday ... hehehe I so love the layout of your blog. Have you used the items you've purchased? Are they really good?

nurseabie said...

@ My Pink Shoelace, Yeah, I'm using it because I'm not gifted with beautiful feet.hehehe
Thanks for the warm welcome. Appreciate it so much..

nurseabie said...

@ carlota, Thanks for the warm welcome. Appreciate it so much.. Sure, you can use some of it.hehe..

Enchie said...

must try this! we have a bubble foot spa from watsons too. it smells so good siguro :D

pinkmama said...

Welcome to Pink Fridays! I am so lost the other week. I have been busy and I apologize. Hope you can join us tomorrow. See yeah soon!