01 February, 2009

My Birthday Wishlist

Phew! I've been tagged! Mommy Joy of Pinaymama's diary shared this meme to me.Thank you so much for remembering me.This is great!

Here's some rules for this tag:

1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

And my wish are:

1. A shopping spree. ( I wanted to change my wardrobe.hehehe)
2. Pink Sony Digital Camera (To take pictures everyday)
3. Pink Laptop-any brand (I'm interested now in owning a laptop.)LOL!
4. Honey's wish may come true.
5. My family's wish may come true.
6. Summer vacation in Boracay. (To experience the white sand beach)
7. Summer vacation in Cebu. (I wanted to see my high school friends and board mates.)
8. To spend quality time with my whole family here in Laguna.(They are all in Masbate)
9. Trip to California. (Anyone who will sponsor is very much Welcome)Hehehe.
10.To be a best nurse. (Tender,loving and caring nurse)

It's time to share this! Here they are:

1. Duni of Lovely Purses
2. Sabine of Kawaii at Cuteboo
3. Earth of Earthlingorgeous
4. Marie of My Online Paradise
5. Mauie of Living a Sugar-Free Sweet Life
6. Riel of This Is So Me
7. Mommy Gen of Wonderful Things In Life
8. Vannie of Ozzy's mom
9. Entrepgirl of A little of entrep and more
10. Juliet of My Little Love Bugs

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Duni said...

Abie! THanks for passing this meme on to me. I'll have to think really hard about 10 things...usually it's only one thing I want ☺

happy Sunday!


nurseabie said...

Your welcome...

earthlingorgeous said...

Awwww thanks for this tag! I think Jes also tagged me with this one but was very busy past couple days I attended that conference on Autism! Was so worth it and I will share everything I've learned in there to all my blog readers. I'll do the tag soon Thanks!

Marie said...

Hi Abie,

thanks for the tag...Im doing it ASAP!

gengen said...

Sorry i am delayed of posting it but you can read it now. Thanks