20 February, 2009

2009 Nursing Exam Result

The long wait is over.The result was out already.According to the Inquirer.net,there are 88, 649 examinees and out of that number 39,455 pass the nursing board exam. Congratulation to the New Nurses! Mabuhay Kayo!Congratulation to all my friends who pass. You deserve it! Good luck to you nursing career..

I'm sad because some of my high school and college friends didn't make it.I know they feel bad just like what I feel but guys don't lose hope. Cry if you want just to relieve that tension or pressure. Its just that some things we want doesn't happen immediately but it will in God's time. Trust him.I know from my heart that you deserve to be a registered nurse but due to some uncontrollable circumstances what you envision did not come your way.Failing for the first time, second or how many times doesn't make you a less person.Nonetheless it will make you wiser.There's still a next time. Another chance to do much better. To apply the lesson you have learned.

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