27 February, 2009

Meatless Day

When the Lenten Season start its already a tradition not to eat meat every Friday until the season ends.I guess most people still do this.A way of sacrifice.Fasting and abstinence from eating meat are mostly done during Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.
Today is the first Friday of the Lenten Season so we didn't consume meat.What we had for lunch is sardines.Its from Del Monte. I didn't know that they have sardines.hehe.
I like the taste of it.It was packed in tomato sauce.There's no scales left in fish unlike in other sardines.Also, though its a fish there's no stench of fish.LOL! Indeed, a delicious Friday lunch for us.

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Duni said...

We had fish today too! But I oven-baked it. We had some salad to go with the fish.

have a nice weekend...and look out for my giveaway ☺


nurseabie said...

Thanks duni for dropping by here..
Sure, I'll join your giveaway...