29 May, 2011

In The Name of Love

I had the chance to watched the movie In The Name of Love starring Aga Muhlach, Jake Cuenca and Angel Locsin last night. I'm on 2 days leave since Friday. I really didn't have plans of watching this movie but I have been hearing beautiful comments. My curiosity kicks in hence I watched the movie.

The casts especially the main characters of the movie were able to portray their respective roles. Angel and Aga look good together in this movie. They were able to show that they are not only good at acting but also in dancing.

Sacrifice, In the name of Love is what this movie tells us. Aga Muhlach took the responsibility of carrying the illegal money because of his love for Angel. He knows the consequence but still he opted to do so. Angel Locsin took full responsibility of what had happened to Aga. So she finds ways on how she could help Aga be freed from jail. She did not give up even though the paths are tough and she is slowly losing herself; her own identity. Finally she stumbles upon the person who has the capacity to help her. Aga doesn’t know all the things she did because they lost contact. It is only after seven years that he had known the sacrifices Angel did in the name of love. In love and in life we make various sacrifices for our loved ones. The famous line of Angel Locsin is “Pinili kong mamatay para lang mabuhay ka”




joy said...

hi abie! mukha ngang maganda yung movie base on your post. got to find someone who will watch it with me. :)

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