21 February, 2011

I Want To Wear Scrubs Too

A good start of new year to our hospital. We still got a lot of admission as well as out patient department patient. It means that they still choose and trust us to be their health care provider. Anyway I am just so happy that finally there will be a change in our hospital uniforms especially to the scrubs of our nurses and other health care staffs. Every department has been given a chance to choose the style and color of their scrubs. It's pretty nice, isn't it?Oh well after a year of wearing their ugly scrub suit they can now be proud of what they are wearing.lol!

The maker of their scrub suit is well known in their field of expertise. The textile that will be use brings so much comfort. It's a cotton scrub that everyone will like.The price is very much affordable. Scrub sets is very much worthy of the money. What I like about it is that it last longer. It doesn't fade quickly.They can be trusted when it comes to medical nursing uniforms as well to the uniform of our ancillary staffs.

What I like them the most is the good deal they gave us, a discounted scrubs for everyone.I can't wait to see all our staffs wear their complete uniform. It will be two weeks from now! I'm so excited that I also wanted to own a scrub set with a combination of pink and brown color. Anyway, I know soon it will happen. By the way if you want to buy medical scrubs online it is now possible.You can from a variety of styles and colors.




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