11 April, 2010

Summer Ski

The weather here is very hot. A time to enjoy summer, swimming here and there yet we better be careful because it also has a danger to our skin. Have you already been to the beach with your friends and family as well as with your company? Well, we’re done with family outing and the company outing would on the 17th of April.

I don’t know yet if I’ll join them because my college friends also have a plan of doing our reunion on that same date. They have yet to finalized the date and place. Anyway, with regard to our company outing they are still busy looking for a venue because most of the private pool in our area is fully booked. Good luck to them. Lol!

By the way, I know with this hot weather some wish they are somewhere in the cold place enjoying ski. They would be busy looking for beautiful ski resorts but instead hectic with something else. I wish to experience a cold weather, the snow and enjoy skiing in time. I love looking at the pictures of people close to me who have experience the snow as well as the ski thing. I’m wishing for it to happen soon.



Duni said...

I wish I had hot weather like you! I hope you get to go on your outings with your college friends - it sounds like much more fun to me than to go on an outing with the company ;-)

Happy Sunday!

nurseabie said...

Hey! Thanks Duni. I'm still thinking. Yeah,I know it will be much fun to be with my college friends.