16 April, 2010

Outing and Theatre Shows

Tomorrow is going to be our company outing. This will be after our work. I have decided to join with them and not with to my college friends. It’s just that I have no choice. Lol! It’s better to join our company outing because I won’t be spending a single centavo. Lol! I’ll join my college friends next time. I know they’ll understand. I’m saving for a theatre tickets like that of Beacon Theatre Tickets, Nassau Coliseum Tickets and Radio City Music Hall Tickets. Are you familiar with these three? I know you are because it’s popular.

By the way theatre shows is fun and exciting right? And so I’m saving for it. I’m hoping to get a good deal in buying one. I’m expecting to get a good price. Anyway, back to our outing I’m hopeful to have fun though the boyfriend won’t be there. This will be my first company outing since I was not able to join with them the last time.



Liz said...

Theatre shows are fun!

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impotenta said...

Thank you for these information.There were very useful for me. Looking forward to read your next post.Only the best wishes for your site :)

JENIE=) said...

that's fun for free ;)

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nurseabie said...

@Liza, it's indeed fun. Thanks
@Impotenta, thanks for appreciating my blog as well as my post.
@Jenie,it's indeed fun especially that it's free.hehe