24 April, 2009

PF# 3 My DS Lite Pouch

My third entry since I joined Pink Friday last March 13,2009. I think I have missed 4 Fridays already. I am very sorry. Now, I'm back!

My DS Lite Pouch that protect my DS. I'm just sad that I can't use my DS because the memory card I bought got corrupted after a few months. It's not booting.Huhuhu. Good thing I was able to back up my files. I didn't buy yet a replacement. Next time I'll buy the Kingston brand.

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pink thoughts said...

Welcome back! I am so glad you are able to play with us again.

By the way, pink fridays is up already!

carlota said...

cute one. happy Friday!

My Pink Shoelace said...

better later than never hehehe
am looking for a pink psp.

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Wow, i missed this post last Friday, i was not able to visit..it's pink and it's nice..

Ebie said...

That's a cute pink. Sorry I am a not so techy, I have to ask my daughter what DS means. Haha!