14 April, 2009

Aubrey Miles

The secret was revealed. The rumor before is indeed true now that Aubrey Miles finally admitted that she already has a son.Eight year old son and the father is JP Obligacion. She was interviewed by Boy Abunda at Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN). She just followed the right thing that could help her career blossoms.To protect her image as sexy star then. She wanted to provide for her family and as well as to support her child because that time they don't have anything, they're still struggling to improve their life financially. So she decided not to admit it. She was sorry for hiding the truth to the public. Though close friends know about it.Aubrey made her child growing up years normal. Like, her son calls her mama and she calls him anak. Go to the mall together and attend to his school activities.The good thing also is she didn't denied it to Troy.

Prior to SNN interview host Ms. Kris Aquino already know about Aubrey Miles child. Kris asked him way back Aubrey's MTB days , where she was one of the host and Aubrey had been honest to her. Ms. Kris Aquino just keep mum about it. She understood Aubrey situation.

The second part of the interview will be shown tonight at SNN. Watch out for it. The revelations are more intense.

My First Commenter: Enchie

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Enchie said...

eto pala yun. I saw the preview on tv but I wasn't able to watch. Thanks abie!

Enchie said...

eto pala yun. I saw the preview on tv but I wasn't able to watch. Thanks abie!

Blogger Rise said...

I will watch out for it :)

Badet said...

I saw this on TV, after all these years, buti na lang inamin na nya. Pero parang nonsense na kasi she's not active in showbiz at present, or baka may plan sya to come back kaya she needs exposure.

nurseabie said...

@ Oo, naintriga ako kung ano yun kaya inabangan ko tlaga.hehe

@ Blogger Rise, thanks for the visit..

@ Badets,Your right because right now she really needs exposure talaga kaya inamin na niya.Di kasi matunog pangalan nia.hehe