05 September, 2011

Fight between Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli

The hot topic was the fist fight that happened between Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli during the Star Magic Ball at Manila Peninsula. Maja Salvador admitted that she was the reason of their fight. She also revealed that they have a relationship. I did not know Maja and Matteo have a relationship. I have not been updated.lol! I guess they have agreed not to make their relationship publicized. Anyway, is it jealousy that fuels the fight? Some sources say it is. The question is why? Why Matteo is being jealous of Coco Martin? I know in time the real reason will come out. Let’s just wait and see.




chubskulit said...

No idea either hehehe. Thanks sa visit Abie.

nurseabie said...

Welcome Ate Rose. Thanks Also.

Hyanne said...

Hi there, thanks for the add. Added you already to my blog list! Happy blogging!

nurseabie said...

@Hyanne, Thanks much! Happy Blogging too.

anne said...

The hair of Maja is indeed so long hehehe. But I guess it never feels right when two persons is fighting over you. Just came here to visit.

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