27 July, 2011

Facebook is the Culprit

We log in most of the time to our Facebook account as much as we do with our email account. We visit our account for updates and notifications. What’s in and what’s out. Facebook has been our medium of communication with our loved ones. It has also become our little journal because of posting whatever emotions we have. It unleashes our feelings. In return we gain something through the comments and likes of our status.

Like all other things Facebook has its advantage and disadvantage. Our instrument here is our words. We know how powerful our words are right? It can make or break a person. It is very common nowadays that you talk about someone you dislike in facebook by assigning them a pen name and by using other language. You talk nonstop about them since you think they wouldn’t know anything about it. But luck is on the side of that person you were talking about. That person was able to gain access to your conversations. Hence, the war begins. Is Facebook the culprit?