17 October, 2010

Samsung Phone Is In

I have told you here that I lost my 3 year old phone which is nokia 6300 on the 13th of August, a Friday the 13th trick. It was a graduation gift from the boyfriend. Well, last September 18, 2010 I bought a brand new phone which is Samsung B3410W. I was able to buy one because our Medical Director gave me money as a replacement for my phone. lol! I was so happy that I will no longer save money to buy a new phone
Anyway, it is a pink and white samsung B3410W. We used to be a Nokia phone fan but when Samsung seems to be hot nowadays when it comes to cellphone we decided to change brand. Just for a change.lol! My boyfriend is using Samsung Corby WiFi. I was the one who influence him to use Samsung instead of Nokia.




Layla White in Canada said...

The new Samsung Touch which is targeted to the low market is really something.

2009 Taxes said...

I like the new Samsung that I purchased recently from Verizon. I heard some negative things about Samsung but haven't had an issue.

nurseabie said...

@ Layla, I'm loving Samsung now. Thanks for the visit.
@ 2009 Taxes, Me too but we know that we do a have different views.What they we like is different from them. Thanks for the visit.

o0jopak0o said...

Well I recently bought a samsung galaxy s and I am loving it

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