30 August, 2010

School Lockers

A desire to have my own locker at school started during high school days. I don’t know why, perhaps it was a media influenced. Lol! Students at a movie scene always have a locker at school and so I yearned to have my own locker too. But then our school can’t afford to provide lockers for all of us. I was not after a fancy locker, wood lockers will do as long as our things are safe and secure. Anyway, one thing that fascinates me about having school lockers is that we can leave there the heavy things that we bring every day at school such as books. Lol!

By the way, my wish was granted during my college days. It’s just that it’s not free. We have to pay monthly to avail a locker. I forgot the exact amount that we need to pay. Anyhow, it’s kind of similar to lockers for sale. If my memory serves me right I had avail for one whole month only. I don’t want to pay anymore because I believe it is necessary for us students to have it and we should have it for free. I guess the varsity players at our school got their gym lockers for free. So it’s kind of unfair to us.




John | English Wilderness said...

We didn't have lockers at school. When I finally got one at college I had to share with someone else and it was miles from the computer science department! :-(