17 December, 2008

Parent's Love

I'm riding in the Jeepney on my way to the market.Along the way I saw parent cuddling their newly born baby.The baby is crying so it noticeable and because of that I overheard a teenager saying this "Why is it that when the children is still young their parents care and love them so much and when they grow up curse, bad words are being thrown at them."
It is basically true to some families.I've witnessed this scenario several times.Even at a young age children already experienced to be curse by their own parents.Some imitate the exact words that has been said to them and relay this also to their friends.It's sad because they started to hear this in their own home.Some are not aware that it's not good because they have not been guided properly.More children are now being neglected.Parents are not seriously doing their responsibility to their child.